CPD Training at ICIA's new office by well known trainer


The Institute of Commercial and industrial Accountants is one of the 3 local professional accounting bodies in Malaysia. The Institute has gone through some structural changes and is well positioned to grow exponentially. Recently, we signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement with an IFAC member body, the Institute of Public Accountants Australia. Our members, if they so desire, will get the similar membership grade in IPA as their membership grade in ICIA. We have also signed several MOUs with leading colleges and universities and we are working with an established player to conduct Online training and examinations.....Read More


We are also cognizant of the accounting, financial and taxation training needs of small and medium enterprises and have conducted seminars at very moderate cost for this purpose. The Institute focuses on the development and training of Associate members who are not involved in external auditing and public accounting and who are accounting staff of SMEs. Associate members who pass the Advanced stage of  professional program will be elevated to Certified Membership  grade and may use the post-nominal CICA  which will make them more employable and improve their professional standing

Dominic explaining to students about ICIA and the accounting profession.


Certified Members (CICA) of the Institute are accounting and financial professionals who have undergone training on managerial finance, auditing, company law, taxation, financial accounting & reporting and corporate governance & professional ethics and who have thus developed holistic business and financial skills to evaluate potential investment decisions, manage their organization’s operations effectively and take the lead in driving business success. ........ Read More

The institute has membership grades that caters for all aspiring and established commercial accountants. If you have an accounting diploma or degree you can start as an associate and if you successfully take the certification exams and gain 3 years of mentored learning experience you can earn the prestigious Certified Industrial and Commercial Accountant (CICA) designation.