Council Members – 2018/19

Council Members

The Institute is governed by an elected council which appoints office bearers amongst themselves  on an annual basis. The council is assisted by a secretariat and various special purpose committees

The council members for the term 2018-19 are as follows;

  • Tan Yen Wooi                                            President
  • Shum Ying Loon (Dominic)                     Vice-President
  • Ng Mei Choo                                             Honorary Secretary
  • Amjath Jamal bin Shaik Abdul Kader    Honorary Treasurer
  • Winson Han Mean Kwong                      Council Member
  • Izhar Kahar                                               Council Member
  • Narindar Singh                                         Council Member
  • Lee Ah Heng                                              Council Member
  • Chiam Guat Hock                                      Council Member
  • Lee Tiong Kheng                                        Council Member
 As at 1st March 2019