Education – Certification & Training

AMjath Conducting Training
Our President Amjath Jamal lecturing in a Certification Class.

The institute places utmost importance in educating out members in terms of upgrading their qualifications, training and development


The Institute  conducts certifications programs which enables members to be technically competent in general accounting and finance. This includes the ACA Malaysia program and the advanced specialized programs which are both at postgraduate level. Certification is the best way to ensure that professionals in any fields possess the technical ability , strategic thinking and professional integrity needed to be a professional.

Training and development

The institute takes training and development of members seriously and a special training committee chaired by a council member organizes and monitors the training programs for quality and improvement. Recent training conducted includes

  1. Joint programs with IPA on GST Implementation
  2. Social Networking for Professionals
  3. Online Learning and Examination talk by CLC Consortium

See list of training events.