Be a Member of the Institute

Membership is open to Malaysian citizens and non-citizens aged 18 and above. There shall be 7 classes of membership, namely:-
i)    Life
ii)   Honorary
iii)  Fellow*
iv)  Certified*
v)   Associate*
vi)  Graduate
vii) Registered Student

*For more information on voting membership of the Institute click Here

Life  Memberships are awarded to fellow members  who have contributed significantly to the Institute and pays no subscription once conferred as recommended by the Council.

Honorary Membership is given to individuals who are not necessary members of the institute but have contributed meritoriously and significantly to the well being and achievements of the Institute as advised by the Council. Such members shall not be eligible to vote at the Institute's general meetings.

Graduate Membership shall be awarded to a person who has meet the academic requirement for Associateship but has not obtained the relevant accountancy experience and in the opinion of the Council is deemed suitable to be a Graduate member of the institute. Graduate members may be upgraded to Associate membership once they obtain the prerequisite working experiences.

Registered Student status shall be granted to a person with appropriate academic qualification with the intention of pursuing a course of study in Accountancy leading to the examinations of the Institute or equivalent and in the opinion of the Council is deemed suitable to be a registered student.