ACA Malaysia Program

The flagship ACA Malaysia program is open to all members of Associate grade with the prerequisite 3 years of mentored working experience. The certification program consists of a Technical Stage and an Advanced Stage. Associates with an accredited advanced diploma or a degree in Accounting or equivalent as approved by the Council can proceed to the Advanced Stage of the program. Associates  without an accredited Degree are required to complete both stages for the award of Certified Accountant (CACA) (a qualifications equal to an Hons. Degree in Accounting)

The Technical Stage consist of 6 subjects which are as follows;

  1. Internal Auditing
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Advanced Taxation
  5. Business Law for Accountant
  6. Strategic Management

Member at AACA grade who has completed an Accounting or Finance degree or advanced diploma or those who have completed & passed the first 6 Technical stage subjects can register for the Advance Stage subjects which upon completion will lead to the CACA qualification.

  1. Advance Financial Accounting and  Reporting
  2. Advanced Corporate Finance
  3. Management Accounting Strategy
  4. Internal Control and Corporate Governance

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