Benefits of Membership in ACA Malaysia

The following are membership benefits of the Association:

  1. Associate Members and above are eligible to enroll for the ACA Malaysia Program to be certified as Certified Accountants (CACA).
  2. All members are eligible to attend valuable CPD seminars to update themselves on various legislation, accounting standards and other useful topics. Members will be given special pricing for such events.
  3. The Association has a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with Institute of Public Accountants of Australia. Members can get the same membership level in IPA and discounted fees if they join IPA under the MRA.
  4. Members who qualifies under ACA Malaysia's MRA with IPA (which is an IFAC Full Member body) and joins IPA may be Signatories of Listed Companies' Statutory Accounts* and Act as Audit Committee Members in companies listed in Bursa Malaysia. This is pursuant to Practice Note 13 issued by Bursa Malaysia  under Subsection 7.1 (b)** and with reference to section 9.27 and 15.09(1)(c)(iii) of the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia.
  5. Suitably qualified members of the Association will be eligible to undertake further studies in any one of our Masters level specialized certification programs including CMAC (Certified Management Accounting Consultants), CFMC (Certified Financial Management Consultants), CPCC (Certified Professional Corporate Consultants), and CIFC (Certified Islamic Financial Consultants).
  6. Other benefits include discounts on training by training partners, event partners and other commercial establishments from time to time.
  7. Recognition by industry- Members can use the relevant post nominal such as AACA, CACA or FACA  to promote their professionalism and marketability.
  8. Free talks and forums by industry based partners on accounting, tax, GST, IT and other products.
  9. Direct membership in other prestigious professional bodies via Mutual Recognition Agreements secured by the association.
  10. Certified Members may qualify to enroll for EMBA or other Masters Level Programs with certain local universities and colleges. (Terms  and conditions may apply)
  11. Annual Journal Free for all members.

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* Pursuant to paragraph 9.27 of the Listing Requirements, the director or person primarily responsible for the financial management of the listed issuer, as the case may be, who signs the statutory declaration pursuant to section 169(16) of the Companies Act 1965 ("signatory") must satisfy the requirements prescribed  in that paragraph 9.27 ( "requisite qualifications").

** PRACTICE NOTE 13: Requirements for Directors & Signatory of Statutory Declaration for Accounts. (BURSA MALAYSIA As at 13 July 2015)